Taking a breath

I am in Chicago and enjoying breathing without worrying about running into the abuser or being physically harmed by him.  He frightens me!

Feels good to feel like me again, even though it is temporary since I’m dreading going back tonight. I needed to get away and since I can’t drive anywhere and feel am a prisoner in my own home, I am glad I decided to take my friend’s invitation to see a play.  I purchase  tickets to various events at home but opt out of going and stay inside. My only outings are doctors appointments – I’m isolated and feel unsafe most of the time so home is where I stay.

Despite it all I am trying to look for what I can change to try and make a positive out of this horrible situation. Trying to keep focused on what matters – The more I share my experience of abuse the more lucid my long term goals to get a non profit off the ground that advocates and contributes to change so the hell I have been through does not  happen to other victims of abuse by the very system that is supposed to protect us.


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