Surviving Narcissistic Abuse

by Sara E. Teller

Have you ever felt like everything you say is wrong? No matter how hard you try, nothing you do is ever good enough? You can never seem to accomplish what you set out to do the way you had intended?

Do you feel this way because your partner is telling you so?

All too often, women enter into relationships with charming, charismatic, intriguing men who seem to fit the bill of the ‘perfect Prince Charming’, only to quickly realize they’ve fallen for an imposter. As if a switch is suddenly flipped, one day they wake up and everything they believed to be true was nothing but smoke and mirrors.

Welcome to the world of narcissistic abuse. Pathological narcissism, also termed subclinical narcissism or Narcissist Personality Disorder (NPD) is a variant of psychopathy and is a very real and very serious condition. The disorder is characterized by a false grandiose sense of self which masks deep-seated shame associated with trauma. That’s a fancy way of saying the narcissists are great actors. Their exterior self doesn’t match the interior.

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