Year 1, 2012-2013, manipulative love bombing letter. First time I wiped his ass!!!!

When you get to the part where he describes himself as honest…LOL…well, he was lying as he was writing it.  This guy is a piece of work.  Wonder what bar or coffee shop he’s sitting writing his new vagina/supplier a book talking about how great he is.











This was for 2013 – the year he took me to his parents house where his mother made sure I was not welcomed and wanted.  She told me I was just his “girlfriend” and that his ex was his “wife.”  She then made a big deal of her not being there and blamed her grandson being upset on missing his mom and was going to call her while she was in Africa.  She said things to me like that a lot.  She wanted to make sure I knew she wasn’t happy with the divorce and the new arrangement. He didn’t help matters because he lied a lot about my part in his life.  He would say these things to me but never acknowledge my existence.  He refused to post pictures of us on social media and if that wasn’t bad he would post things while I stood next to him. He would not take me to games or any other child activity because the ex wife would get upset.  He would  never admit to the real reason, instead he would just make up an excuse as to why it didn’t work out.   






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