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The Real Puppet Master

I want you to imagine you’re sitting in a room- the size of a medium bedroom.

The walls are white.

No windows.

The room is empty besides the bench on which you’re sitting in the center of the room.

The lights dim until it’s dark.

Multiple projectors turn on at once such that each of the four walls has a projection as well as the ceiling and floor.

The volume is so loud you can’t hear yourself think.

Every projection switches video feed every 5 seconds but all constantly feed in a live-stream video which adjusts based on the real-time statistics of a particular website.

At first the sounds are overwhelming to your senses.



Pain and Agony.

Moans that are supposed to be filled with pleasure but ring hollow with the fake forced voice brining them forth.

Every 5 seconds the videos cycle through the top 100 videos…

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