Women and feeling safe? Is that a thing? Def. not and here’s why.

The Real Puppet Master



This is a knife that’s disguised as a key. That’s how unsafe women feel. We grab for our cell phones with 911 pre-dialed when we walk through empty parking garages or through streets at night. We tell someone when we go for a run through trails because we fear that we might not get back. We grip our keys tighter when we’re out alone and hear a noise behind us- just in case we need to use the keys as a weapon in an instant. We walk faster when we’re walking alone near a group of men. We feel so unsafe that companies can profit on this by making knives disguised as common objects.

*Disclaimer* I am not writing this blog for myself- I don’t need to vent, I don’t need to express emotions and I don’t need to whine about some boy- writing these things triggers me and…

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