Love. Lies. Paint. Photo. Tile. The assault.

The purple wall was our bedroom.  That’s a picture he took of me during our trip to Costa Rica. I threw it out despite him begging me not to.  No silly, it wasn’t because he wanted it, it was because he wanted to be the one to toss it.  He needs to be the one who discards because that puts him in control.

ffc7b443-429b-4875-82a2-3302cac1981b-e1546707717694.jpegThe first picture is where he threw me.  In that corner where a frame with his picture was hanging.  My head it the wall so hard that it broke the glass on the frame.

The jacket is the jacket he ripped dragging me around like a rag doll.  I still some days feel the burn on my face after he slapped me.  I feel my head throb after hitting the wall.  I feel his hand on my clavicle/neck and I hear his voice yelling as I begged him to let me go.  I couldn’t breath.  It was a nightmare.  He is a nightmare who I want to vanish from my life.  I want him and his new supply source to move in together and live happily ever after but he won’t let me go because part of her role is to be there for him, as I was when he went through his divorce.  He lied about so many things and actually blamed the delay in finalizing the divorced on his preference to spend time with me. He was so full of it.

The multi bracelet color, he made for me.  Indigo stood for”I” – lavender stood for “Love”- yellow stood for “You,” and violet for Vesta.  CAN I THROW UP NOW! Garbage like that is what I fell for.  EWE!!! CRINGE!!!

The rest of pics are random pics – This was my home too, and some days I miss the area and look forward to being mobile so I can visit and build new memories in places I loved to go to in the neighborhood. Glad to have had some before him 🙂










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