Shame on the enablers

I have always been aware of victim blaming. I have always been aware of the character assassination victims go through when they speak up.  No, I was not a victim of rape or sexual assault.  I was a victim of domestic violence by a well liked executive at Wells Fargo.  What I am experiencing today is surreal as I have been made out to be a crazy whore completely taking focus away from the act of violence and the damages it has caused – They have made me out to be the perpetrator when in reality it is he who’s the perp.  What has hurt more has been the shaming I have had to deal with, especially from other women.
Anyway, I read this and am thankful that more and more women are speaking up and are supporting other women.  I never thought I would one day say I know exactly how victims of abuse such as his (R Kelly) ex wife feels.  People who abuse are monsters – they drive us to feeling so worthless and insane that we want to take our own lives and then sit back and play victim, name call and continue to abuse through the legal system.  I know I felt worthless and wanted to die so that the truth about him would be revealed.  His response? ” Do it and put us out of our misery.”
During the explosive documentary, Andrea detailed years of abuse during her life with the R&B superstar — experiences that she says drove her to contemplate taking her own life.


Lady Gaga Breaks Her Silence on Working with R. Kelly, Says Her Sexual Assault ‘Twisted’ Her Thinking

 Joelle Goldstein,People Thu, Jan 10 1:47 AM EST

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