Below clavicle is the chest, above it the neck. Facts vs Gaslighting

Sharing the narrative behind the screenshots and photos is always reassuring and helpful in deciphering fact from fiction – I had never experienced gaslighting, and it has been the most difficult aspect of the emotional abuse I endured, to overcome.  The opportunities he continues to present to me will play a major part in being vindicated.  Never again will he control what I think or feel.

Do you see the bruises on my clavicle and neck? He claims his hands were never on my neck and that the bruises are actually on my shoulder. I’m blessed to have all of it on audio because it’s important for a jury to hear him trying to gaslight me.
He was ordered by the courts not to contact me, but here’s a text he sent me the morning of my birthday. He also took me to dinner, bought me flowers, gave me jewelry, not because he loves me but because he was trying to get me to drop the charges against him. This is important because he now claims I have been stalking him. I have many more examples of how he has tried to remain in my life. Disabling me wasn’t enough so he keeps trying. He’s evil.

His hand made present is this bracelet he weaved. Indigo stood for “I” Lavender stood for “Love” Yellow stood for “You” Violet stood for “Vesta” – I’ll wait for you while you go throw up because I certainly am.  I bet he’s made the same for his new supply, renamed the violet to Jasmine for it to stand for “Jessica” instead of “Vesta” — He’s good.  He’s really really good.

He claims I am defaming him by saying he watches “teen porn” – His History From 2016. Sat down to do something when he was logged on and decided to check out his history. “Skinny Teen Rides Cock & Cumes” I don’t mind porn but “Teen” anything bothered me. Doesn’t matter that it’s a category nor the most popular type of porn or that the women are over 18- it just bothered me, which is why I took a picture –
His email to the jeweler he was buying my birthday gift for. He took me to dinner for my birthday but paid cash because he didn’t want anything to be documented since he wasn’t supposed to have any contact with me per court order. He was so nice and remorseful, promising me the world, not because he meant any of it but because he was trying to get me to drop the charges. He managed to talk me into having the Commonwealth attorney’s office to removing the no contact order of his plea agreement. And today he is claiming I am stalking him. He’s a filthy individual. Filthy, dirty and dangerous.
After he was arrested he changed his gmail profile picture to a picture of us. This is just one of the ways he was trying to let me know how much he “loved” me as he was planning to do horrible things to me through the legal system. In addition to this he posted poems that were dear to me long before I met him publicly – He had a spotify list and started a blog. I am so glad to have documented all of this BS. Vincent C. Beggs is evil. He ended up removing it sometime in early August after his ex wife told him to since she didn’t like looking at my photo. Sadly, I begged him to put it back. It was soon after that, that I told him I didn’t want to have anything to do with him
lease lie
He has never held the title of Sr. Vice President at Wells Fargo. He was and continues to be a VP. This is on a rental application form from 2010. On another document he listed a different address than the one he was living in, but justified his action by saying it was okay since he was paying the rent for it. That’s another story all to itself.
This was shortly after he assaulted me. I couldn’t stand to have him touch me. Grateful to have him acknowledge my discomfort because after he was charged he tried to convince me he never touched my neck. Given the injuries he caused, he should have been charged with a felony.
Gaslighting 101: In one text he tells me to kill myself to put him out of his misery. Then he claims he never said those words to me.

More history. Had he not yelled, screamed and try and tell me he didn’t watch porn during the word day, I would not post his history, but he tried to tell me over and over and over again he never ever watched porn during the work day.  When I showed him the history, he would yell, throw things or storm out wherever we were.  Now, I can say what I want to say and no one can yell at me.  Throw things at me. Withhold love or affection. As long as it’s true I can say it.  So, on February 17, he gets up, goes to court for his hearing that was at 9.  Sends me a picture of himself looking somber.  Goes home.  Watches a little porn.  Meets me later that afternoon and tells me to get a life and not be so dependant on him.  My blood boils telling this story.  This is why I now realize I was nothing to him beside a cum bag. This self centered sucm maimed me, destroyed my Otolith, gave me a concussion and is telling me to get a life. Can’t wait until everything he has done since assaulting me to be out there for the world to see so they can see what sort of a monster he is.  No one with an ounce of decency would have done what he has after maiming someone.  But then again, no one with any type of decency would have maimed another individual.

This was very therapeutic!  Instead of having everything swirl around in my head writing it down with actual documentation that is fact feels empowering.


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