A New Year…Hope, Love & Laughter

“Today is celebrating the power within the new beginnings, the miracles that turn the piece of wood into fire and turn the bare branches of trees to new leaves. It is one of the most complex celebration of humanity. 7 elements of the haft sein speaks of 7 level of evolutionary process of creation. The most important of all the seven are the fire and the mirror. The essence of life which is fire, passion, love,…. lives in every essence of existence. Norooz pirooz! hope whenever we are, we can go beyond all the discomforts we have experienced in body and mind and transform them into something deeper and stronger. Only the power within can create new springs. Much love!💗💗💖💖🌞🌞

A FB friend posted this in celebration of  Persian New Year, and I thought I share since I’m Persian.

Yesterday an amazing transformation took place which brought peace I haven’t felt in years. It’s been a long journey, but I think I finally understand what it means to fully accept my circumstances and surrender to it in order to enjoy the now and what is. I know it sounds corny, but being able to show compassion to my body and brain for the trauma it endured was a game changer – Can’t explain it even if I tried because I don’t fully understand it either – and the streak continues with more positive news, so validating I can barely contain myself – I feel elated and look forward to what is going to be a spectacular spring.

While I would not have chosen this path, I am beginning to understand it to be a once in a lifetime opportunity, and much bigger than I had ever imagined.


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