Grateful to my lawyer who is representing me Pro Bono.  It has renewed my faith in humanity.

Grateful for walking and talking because my neurologist said I should be given the severity of the assault.

Grateful for the perpetrator’s arrogance to have chosen the path that he has.

Grateful for the process.

My heart goes out to his new supplier because she will soon find herself exactly where I was, questioning her reality, and wondering what, if any of the bliss she felt was real.

I worry about members of his posse who have engaged in actively defaming me.  I know first hand how devastating betrayal feels.

And, I’m grateful for feeling all this, and still putting what’s best for me, first.  I’m learning to let go feeling responsible for others – that’s what got me into this mess – Trying to protect his sons, his career, his reputation, but we all choose our own paths, and I am not responsible for him, his future, his posse’s legal costs, his supplier’s aching heart, and the ugly stain that will be left on his, his ex wife and others reputation as a result of their own doing.

Fighting back isn’t wrong or cruel.  Standing up for what you believe, and doing the right thing because it’s the right thing, doesn’t mean you are a bitch or a jilted lover or unstable.  I am going to fight this until the end, and I will prevail because truth conquers. Despite feeling fear and my health taking a hit, I won’t be bullied. Not anymore…


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