What showed up on my FB page!

Scrolling through my FB page, I see this.  Perpetrator is the tall guy in blue with the new supply source in front of him.  She believes I deserved what he did to me and chalked up the violence to circumstantial so she could justify being with him.  As long as society and others like her enable people like him, they will continue to get away with it. His enablers, including her, find it easier to blame me than to look at her own issues to see why she is making excuses for domestic violence.  I guess she needs to believe she’s special – I did too. She is his savior just as I was – he has so much power over her that she won’t know what hit her when she learns the truth.

I know because I’ve been there.  It’s why I still feel filthy, emotionally raped and gutted.  I feel he invaded me because he lied so much and I can not wait until his house of cards come tumbling down – seeing his evil face triggered me.  He wasn’t human – you don’t cause major brain trauma to someone and then go on as if nothing happened. You don’t cause injuries that are the same as war veterans and…doesn’t matter. I want him to find a reputable doctor to try and say he didn’t do what he did to me.

I’m actually grateful for seeing the pictures, and for all the other photos both have posted because it will speak for who he is.  I am grateful for what he is accusing me of because I get to prove I did nothing wrong and in the process will show how ruthless he is. He only has himself to blame for what he’s created and what’s to come.

I think he has a new bike – Nice he can spend thousands on his bikes, go on expensive trips AND pay his attorney hundreds of thousands of dollars to try and destroy the person whose brain he damaged, hoping she cave into the financial pressure. Not going to happen because I have nothing to worry about.  As a matter of fact, I’m now grateful for his need to play victim – he doesn’t realize it’s not just me he has to explain himself to – Truth Conquers and that’s all that matters.




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