Living with a Gaslighter by Helen Puk

Months after he assaulted me, he told me the bruises on my body were not from him but rather from my having bumped into things. He’s now suing me for defamation saying I’m lying about the injuries. This, despite having been arrested for assault. This, despite the doctor’s notes he saw. This, despite having paid close to 70 thousand dollars for my medical expenses. This, despite medical tests administered at Johns Hopkins University, which he has copies of.  This, despite knowing there was nothing wrong with me before he slammed me into the wall to cause the brain trauma that he did. This, knowing I was able to drive, ride a bike, run, take dishes out of the dishwasher and not need to rest. Essentially, he is using the courts to try and control what I think, feel and say.  It’s his way of controlling his image.

The perpetrator gaslighted so much I thought I would be better off dead. As a matter of fact, he told me to kill myself and later denied saying he ever said it. Good thing it’s in text. Never knew evil like him existed and cringe when I think of having ever been with such a monster. He will forever be the perpetrator who emotionally raped and gutted me, caused major/severe Traumatic Brain Injury and destroyed my right Otolith, an injury solely caused by trauma to the head of bomb blasts.

Source: Living with a Gaslighter by Helen Puk

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