Depp & Beggs – Two Cowards who abuse, then sue for defamation

Perpetrator is doing the same exact thing to me!!! Hoping to shove down my throat what he needs the truth to be.  He is a wealthy white executive at Wells Fargo Bank Home Mortgage, without an ounce of remorse as he spends thousands of dollars on new bicycles, multiple trips, skiing, more cycling, and traveling, without limitation, hoping I cave to his abhorrent acts of bullying.

Not going to happen because truth conquers – Looking forward to the upcoming weeks – truth can’t be altered, spun or forgotten just because we want them to.  If that was reality, I would erase him from my brain and scrub his filth off my body! Instead I have major brain brain trauma, don’t have a right otolith and go to 12 doctors appointments per week trying to gain back some of what I have lost.

Amber Heard details horrific new abuse claims against Johnny Depp

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