My Neck Or Shoulder?

Bruises fade, bones heal, humiliation is forever

80d0857a-a079-4fb8-b9ac-e613b36c938dIn the beginning he tried to convince me his hand/finger print wasn’t on my neck and that my neck was my shoulder because that was the defense he and his lawyer concocted. In late July, he sat across from me, looked straight into my eyes and said the bruises on my body and my neck may not have been from him, that I could have bumped into something.  I stared at him and asked if he was kidding – I was speechless –  He changed the subject and moved on, but later, after I expressed shock over his effort in trying to convince me the bruises were not from him, I was left even more speechless because he denied ever having said that to me.  Gaslighting was second nature to him, and it’s what drove me to the the brink of insanity.

On December 21, 2016, my ex boyfriend aka abuser, Vincent C. Beggs, a Wells Fargo VP, per his own words threw me against the wall where my head hit the wall so hard that the glass on a frame broke.  He would not let me go.  I suffered a concussion that caused severe cognitive deficits plus he destroyed my inner ear.  I also have depression and PTSD.  I have 11 doctor’s appointments per week, can no longer drive, ride a bicycle or stand on bleachers at my son’s baseball game.  He has destroyed my ability to live a full life.  If that wasn’t enough, he is trying to bully me through the system and silence me just as he use to when we were together.  Vincent C. Beggs is my nightmare that I can’t free myself of.  I want nothing to do with him but in his world I am stalking him because I am not over him.  He continues to live in an alternative reality.