I simply miss her. That’s all.

November 1, 2017

Most of the time

 I have spent the last couple days listening to music in the hopes of inspiration.  I am no poet or lyricist and so surrounding myself, immersing myself in the product of those that are is in hope of elevating my feeble skills, if only a tiny bit.  What has occurred, to be sure, is a heightened appreciation for the words assembled in transcendent and evocative ways with music that tells not complex stories simply, but often sharing simple, common experiences and feelings in ways that provide incredible depth and insights.  Truth, even when hard to accept.

This song, Most of the Time, has been on repeat for a while.  It’s given me chance to hear a truth and witness a delusion.  All the strength and all the confidence, a lie to myself today.  Perhaps just a way through the day in one piece.

[Leonard Cohen, John Lennon, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash]

I am grateful to each today.


“Gratefulness, Gratitude, Grace”

Why I write.

I write to not cry.
I write to laugh at myself.
I write because no one is listening.
I write to discover what I think.
I write to understand what I think.
I write to keep my sanity and to lose my mind.
I write to pause my day and not let another day proceed without reflection on what has occurred and what is to come.
I write because I get scared and committing my thoughts to paper forces me to be brave.
I write less to share than to express.
I write because my first inclination is not always my best.
I write because my insecurities are too often hidden behind confidence.
I write because I am grateful.
I write to remember.
I write to forget.

 “Be Kind Anyway”

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